Personal Training Testimonials

Post workout comments from a client:
'Thank you so much for an amazing session! You are very good! I feel happy. Thank you x'
N.R. Female aged 33
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Clients comments post marathon:
'Hey, just a quick thanks for your marathon advice, the knee held up amazingly well for the day, so thanks for all your guidance!!'
A.G. Male aged 30
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Client's comments after training for 8 months:
'I had to tell you that I bought a very expensive Hugo Boss suit last year that was always far too small but now fits perfectly. My butt is half the size and I have officially shrunk. It's all down to you. Worth every penny and the fact it's working keeps me motivated to keep coming back. You have changed my life'
J. F. Female aged 54

Client's comments after starting my 4 week tailor-made workout program:
​I've just finished the first week of my new training program (tomorrow is a rest day) and thought I would update you as to how it got on. Here are some of my key thoughts after Week 1:
1) My body hates me
2) My body hates you 
3) Why the f&*£ do YOU hate me?!
4) My Deltoids are weak as s*@!
4a) It is physically impossible for me to do tricep extensions. My shoulders/arms just don't bend in that way!
5) I cannot feel my legs - your 'leg extensions' are Satan personified! I am as close to tearing my hamstrings as possible without actually hearing/feeling them 'pop'!
6) I just don't have enough time to fit in the whole daily session. I only have an hour & this seems like a 90min workout.
In all seriousness, I actually really enjoy it. It's varied and has me working WAY many more muscle groups than the last one.
Thank you so much again. No  amendments needed. 100%!
A.G. Male aged 30

Client's comments after his first personal training session:
'Must admit wasn't sure how today would go but thoroughly enjoyed the session! Really looking forward to week two'
L. T. Male aged 28

Client who participated in the London Olympic Games 2012 opening ceremony as a dancer:
'Thanks for Saturday. It was so much fun! Feel good and when i went training my body was ready to dance.'
J. O. Female aged 30

Client with hyper-mobility giving me feedback after our first personal training session:
'Neck and shoulders all ok - no aches and even more surprised my knees are fine too. Legs are aching - but not in a painful way, more of a "OMG - what are these muscles!".'
L.S. Female aged 43

'Thought you should know that your Facebook updates have contributed towards my new 'get healthy' plan. Kudos.'
J. S. Female aged 20

'Leading a busy lifestyle and not always able to get to a gym, Tamir was on hand to create a detailed and personalised work out routine which enables me to keep in shape. His knowledge, experience and enthusiasm are key reasons why I would recommend his services'
I.B. Male aged 27

'The first session...he worked with me to find out my strengths and weaknesses, what I wanted to achieve in a certain amount of time and the intensity that I wanted to work at. As someone who suffers from Psoriatic Arthritis it was important that we worked on exercises that would not aggravate it. Tamir knew exactly what to do and what not to do. After only just 10 sessions with Tamir I started seeing a huge difference and great results. I was clearly much fitter with my cardio workouts and I was seeing real change in my toning and strength. I have worked with a personal trainer before who worked with me at a stable level. I find that Tamir really pushes me and although I find it hard at the time I have rarely felt that sore the next day. I can only put this down to him taking great care in stretching me out at the end of every session and the fact that he takes great care that I am doing the exercises in the correct way. Not only is he great at personal training but his knowledge of the body and what each muscle is used for is immense...I have been so impressed with the way that Tamir works, his punctuality, his knowledge, professionalism, the results I have seen and because of this would strongly recommend Tamir to anyone.'
G.L. Female aged 27

'One training session with Tamir feels like five training sessions in the gym'
J.K. Male aged 26

'Just to say thanks for setting up the circuit training on Mondays.  I went for the first time this week and found that it was very well planned and organised.  It was also reassuring that the instructor, Tamir, is a qualified osteopath, because he made sure an oldie like me didn’t over-exert myself and get an injury.  Not that it isn’t strenuous– lots of aches even two days later, but that’s good because it means the muscles had to do some work, and throughout the exercises Tamir was checking that they were reaching the right muscles'
R.Z. Female aged 54

'Was impressed with your training. Enjoyed it and will be adding the exercises you have shown me to my routine. Thank you!'
A.S Female aged 28

​​​Osteopathy Testimonials

Patient with knee pain training for the London Marathon 2017:
'Just did 90min run-knee felt a lot more manageable & mostly pain free-only really stopped due to boredom...'
A.G. Male aged 30
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Patient with neck and shoulder pain:
'Hi Tamir, just to let you know, I had a very good night and I am at work today feeling much better. Thank you very much for your help...'
N.O. Female aged 60
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Patient with lower back pain
'Hey, it's definitely feeling much better thank you! Lower back is aching when I stand or walk for too long but absolutely nothing like it was on Monday!!!! You definitely worked miracles! Thanks for checking in see you on Monday!
M.M. Female aged 33
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Patient with neck and shoulder pain
Hi Tamir,my neck is so much better!!!!Thank you very much.It had improved a lot on Sunday and each day is getting better. It's still a bit painful, but I can turn my head completely and most of all I can sleep :)

M.B. Female aged 37

Pregnant patient with upper back pain:
'Thank G-d my back has been perfect... you really sorted me out - thank you!... So relieved.'
​L. H. female aged 27 - 28-30 weeks pregnant

Patient with shoulder pain:
I went to Tamir with an unknown shoulder pain that was causing me great discomfort. he was immediately able to recognise the treatment that was required to alleviate the pain and was very professional in delivering the treatment. through the sessions I had with him, I found him to be a very personable and friendly guy who was able to provide humor through the rigorous pain that I was in.
After a few sessions Tamir was able to remedy the shoulder issue and I felt he was very honest and upfront about any continued treatment that I needed. I would be happy to go back to Tamir again.
D. S. male aged 24

Osteopathic patient: Hi Tamir, I just want to thank you for the two sessions we had for my aches and pains! I was planning on coming back, as we said, for a last session but felt much better. So I feel back to 'normal' (?!) now, pain free, and just wanted to say thanks very much, you really helped. Do hope all goes well for you.
C.L. Female aged 68

"I came to see Tamir having experienced constant neck and shoulder pain and headaches for the past 4 months due to strenuous exercise and tension. I had visited other osteopaths, physical therapists and had massages but didn't get any lasting relief. After only 2 sessions with Tamir I felt significantly better and hadn't experienced any headaches at all. By 3 treatments I was the most pain-free I have been in months! The exercises he recommended were very helpful. He is highly skilled, knowledgeable and professional."
E.S. female aged 26

'Thanks for seeing me at short notice. I appreciate the time and professionalism you put into the visit.
My hip did feel better for a while after the visit. I found the experience relaxed the hip and educated me as to some limits on my range of movement. The overall condition I understand will take longer to address.
Our discussion and the advice you gave me have been very helpful. I have a better understanding now of what needs to be done to get my hip in better shape. I definitely want to address the issue of alignment we discussed. I think aggressive therapy including back manipulation is called for and I plan to seek further help in that regard in Los Angeles.
Good luck with your Osteopathy practice.'
Daniel F. Male aged 60

'Hi Tamir. All is good. Played (tennis) well. No one even know I had back pain. Slept well. Did stretches - ice pack etc. So far so good. I cannot believe it. Thank you so much.'
V.W. Female aged 52