'Thanks for seeing me at short notice. I appreciate the time and professionalism you put into the visit.
My hip did feel better for a while after the visit. I found the experience relaxed the hip and educated me as to some limits on my range of movement. The overall condition I understand will take longer to address.'
Daniel F. Male aged 60

'Hey, it's definitely feeling much better thank you! Lower back is aching when I stand or walk for too long but absolutely nothing like it was on Monday!!!! You definitely worked miracles! Thanks for checking in see you on Monday!
M.M. Female aged 33



'I had to tell you that I bought a very expensive Hugo Boss suit last year that was always far too small but now fits perfectly. My butt is half the size and I have officially shrunk. It's all down to you. Worth every penny and the fact it's working keeps me motivated to keep coming back. You have changed my life'
J. F. Female aged 54